Monday, May 11, 2009

My Poem to My Mommy...

Upon waking up yesterday Hudson gave me a card that he and Daddy made sweet! Here is the front:
This is what the inside said:
My Mommy cuddles me, kisses me, hugs me, and misses me
pampers me, praises me, always amazes me
washes my clothes for me, tickles my toes for me
giggles and talks with me and also goes on walks with me.
She says "sweet dreams" to me,
sings sweet songs to me.
I am glad she belongs to me!
(Daddy had some help from his friends at Hallmark!)
It was a great Mother's Day and I couldn't ask for two sweeter boys to help me celebrate!
On Friday I took Hudson to have his pictures taken for a gift for his Noni and Nana. He wasn't really in the mood to smile for the camera, but we did get this sweet face.
I also decided to jump in on the action since he and I are rarely in pictures together.
This might be my favorite gift this year!!!


The Kilgore Corral said...

OH SO SWEET! Love it!!

Porter Carroll said...

Dena, you look beautiful! And of course Mr. Hudson is super handsome too! I love it!

Grow with Griffin said...

Oh Dena! That is so sweet... I love the card and the two pictures you posted are precious!! Griffin and I need to do that! If you see any more of those coupons let me know!! I never see any for that place!

sarah s said...

I love the pictures and the cards! I can't believe how much Hudson is changing! He's so cute!

Kara Wilson said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sweet Friend!!! I am so impressed with Kelly & Hudson's card- what sweet boys you have! And, I absolutely LOVE the pictures you had taken- you two look like models!!!! :)

Meredith said...

Such a sweet card!! I don't think Matt would have been brave enough to attempt the handprint - very impressed with Kelly!!!

Ok, seriously LOVE the pictures, especially the one of you and him -gorgeous!!!!

Cara Carroll said...

Sooooooo sweet. Seriously. And that pic of you two?! UH-MAZING!!! You look beautiful!!! PLEASE tell me you have that framed!!