Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4 Day Weekend

Kelly decided to take off this past Friday so that we would have a 4 day weekend instead of a 3 day weekend. We planned on taking Hudson to the Ft. Worth zoo on Friday after his nap, but it didn't work out. By the time the little guy woke up from his nap and we got on the road, we realized we wouldn't be there until 4:00. The zoo closes at 5:00, so we decided that wouldn't be the best idea. Instead we took Hudson to a fun park to feed some ducks. He didn't seem to mind the fact we didn't make it to the zoo since we saw quack quacks!

He was a little leary of the ducks at first. They had NO FEAR...they came right up and ate out of Kelly's hand.
Hudson tried throwing the bread. See how far away it landed? :)

Such a big boy!!

Doing what kids do best...playing in the woodchips!
Friday night after Hudson had already gone to bed, Paw-Paw and Nana came to visit. We had such a great weekend with them. It was so nice being able to see them for an extra day. Sadly, we were so busy having fun that I hardly have any pictures. Oops!
The only picture of the 3 of them.
Nana helped me with our flower beds on Sunday and to entice Hudson into the shade we pulled out this spray ring they had gotten for him last year. Let's just say it was a MAJOR hit! We'll be using this A LOT this summer!!
Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend too! :)


Kara Wilson said...

What a fun long weekend! I wish every weekend were 3 days long (or even better, 4 days like you just had!!!). Such cute pictures!!! And, I am going to have to go find that cute splash ring!! I wonder if they will still have it this summer????

The Kilgore Corral said...

I LOVE the picture of you two swinging together. What fun!

Porter Carroll said...

Love the picture of you and Hudson! And where did you get that cute splash ring?:) Enjoyed being with you guys today!!

Cara Carroll said...

Love that little splash ring!! I have GOT to pick one up for Landon...he'd be all over it!! Looks like you guys had a great weekend!! That pic of you and Hudson on the swing is PRECIOUS!!!