Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Fun!

What a wonderful weekend! We had such a fun weekend with Hudson this weekend. Friday night, Noni came over and we ordered pizza. Hudson was playing on a blanket when she arrived and when she sat down to play with him he started laughing for about 5 minutes. It was hilarous!! They were huge belly laughs that had us rolling. If only we knew what he was thinking sometimes. On Saturday, Kelly and I took Hudson to the Dallas Arboretum. It was such a beautiful was in the 70's. We walked the entire Arboretum and took a lot of pictures. He was worn out by the time we left. We decided while we were there that we will go back often when the weather is is just such a nice place to spend the day with family.
Hudson cracking up at Noni!!
Noni with Hudson in his jammies right before bed.
Hudson in a playhouse at the Arboretum.
Hudson and Daddy

Hudson and Mommy
Quick family pic
Hudson holding "George", his lovie on the way home. He was so sleepy!


The Penuels said...

Beautiful family!! Wasn't the weather awesome this week-end?

Kara Wilson said...

Hudson is growing so much! He looks SOOOO cute in these pictures (as always)- I just can't get over how BIG he is!!!! Don't you love the belly laugh? It is the best! :)What a fun weekend with your sweet family!

Grow with Griffin said...

You got some great pictures at The Arboretum! I can't wait to get out there- hopefully soon!

Meredith said...

What a great idea to go to the arboretum! I love the pictures!

Porter Carroll said...

Dear Hudson,
I would like to go back to the arboretum together some day! I love to be outside too! Let's go and laugh together!

Cassidy said...

He is getting so big!! I love the first picture of his cute little face!

ThePoeFam said...

I love the one of him peeking through the window like he's doing it all by himself! :) So cute!