Wednesday, February 13, 2008

6 Months!!

I say this every month, but...WOW...I can't believe Hudson is 6 months old!!! Where has the time gone? Time has NEVER gone by this fast in my life ~ it is crazy. Hudson continues to be the absolute light of my life. He changes every day and has the sweetest personality. He smiles and laughs all the time, but will definitely let you know if he is hungry or tired. He is exploring everything...mostly by putting anything and everything he can into his mouth. I call him my little observer because he studies and watches things intently. It is so cute! He rolls from his tummy to his back, but not back to tummy yet ~ he still gets stuck on his side. He loves bath time, rice cereal, flying through the air, being sung to, "talking", standing up, and attention from anyone ~ especially strangers. He has also started fake coughing which cracks me up! Life with him is more than I could ever hope or ask for. I feel so blessed!
Hudson's monthly picture with his pillow.

Where else would his hands be, but in his mouth? :)
I made Hudson a 1/2 birthday cake...too bad he got peas instead of cake!
His first bite of peas...
Hmm...I don't know what I think about these...
Pretty sure I don't like these!!!
Yuck...these are disgusting!!! I think I'll spit them out. (Mommy doesn't blame me...peas are gross!)
Thank you for taking the peas away!
I am much better now!


Grow with Griffin said...

Yea! Happy Half Birthday Sweet Hudson! We love seeing what a BIG boy you are growing up to be and so cute!! Can't wait to see you again soon! Love, Auntie Leslie

Meredith said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday Hudson! Love his smiles in the pics! I can't wait to hear how the solids continue to go!! Good luck!

Cassidy said...

What cute striped pants!

Kara Wilson said...

Happy Half Birthday, Hudson!!! We can't wait to see you today! We understand about the peas- yuck! Tanner doesn't like them either!! Hudson looks so cute & grown up in his high chair!