Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fall Pictures

I wanted to have our Fall pictures taken early this year so I could get our Christmas cards printed in plenty of time.  So, when they were scheduled for October 11th, I was really excited.  Until October 11th got here and it was in the upper 90's...yes 90's.  So, the outfits that I had planned for us that consisted of sweaters had to be rethought the day before.  Nothing like the Texas weather throwing a wrench in picture plans!  We still wore long sleeves, but didn't melt too much during our session.  Our pictures were at St. Andrews Methodist Church in Plano and our youngest little man wanted NOTHING to do with pictures.  You see, there were rocks, acorns, sticks, leaves, a stream...LOTS of really fun things to play with.  So, poor Chera did everything she could think of to get a family picture and ended up getting ONE for our Christmas cards.  Holden *might* have a funny look on his face, but when you are 18 months old, getting your picture taken is not at the top of your priority list!  :)  I was impressed that she even got one!!
 The picture below is what we're going with this year:

 My sweet, crazy boys!!!

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