Friday, August 30, 2013


Hudson's actual birthday was on a Tuesday this year.  It was kind of a strange day because Kelly was out of town for work and I had some morning in-service to go to for Wylie Preparatory Academy.  But, we made the most of it and thankfully Nana and Aunt Fern were here to help!  Hudson woke up to a decorated table and a donut with 6 candles in it.  :)
 He was so excited to blow out candles again!

He then got to open a few presents from Mommy and Daddy.
 I managed to sneak in a quick picture of the two of us before rushing off to my meeting.  
 Thankfully, my meeting only lasted until noon.  So, I rushed home and we all headed to Amazing Jakes for lunch and HOURS of play!  I told Hudson he could pick whatever he wanted for dinner that night.  I figured it would be Chick-fil-A or Taco Bueno, but no, he requested a steak and baked potato.  Only my 6 year old!!  So, I grilled steak and baked potatoes for dinner.  :)  After dinner, he got to blow out candles yet again on a mini cookie cake.
 Thumbs up for cookie cake!
How can my "baby" be 6???  He brings more joy to our lives than he'll ever know...LOVE HIM!!

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