Tuesday, October 30, 2012

School Fun!

I am room mom again this year for Hudson's class, which means I get to go up to school and help with all of the fun stuff!  I absolutely love that I get to help his teacher and be involved in his day every once in a while.  The smile I get from him when I walk in is priceless!  :)  On October 16th, I was asked to come take pictures of the fireman visit.  Miss Amber was the lucky teacher that got to dress up in the fireman uniform.  So, of course we had to get a group pic of her all dressed up!
(His class is definitely girl heavy!) 
 After the firemen talked to the kids, they got to go see the firetruck...definitely their favorite part!
 That same week, I got to go take pictures of Green Eggs & Ham day.  First, I got the table ready while Miss Amber read the book to the kids.

 Then, they all got ready to help Miss Amber make the eggs.  Aren't they cute in their chef hats??  :)
 First, all of the kids got to take a turn stirring the eggs.
 Then, they all got to go back up to cook.

 Finally, it was time to EAT!  
 Most of them gobbled up their green eggs!
Such fun!!  :)


Trina said...

I love it! Great fun! I love the look on Hudson's face while cooking!

Donnell Days said...

I know...we cook a lot and he always cracks me up!! Hope you are doing well! :)