Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Couple Shower

This past weekend was my brother's Couple Shower in Oklahoma.  Shani and I along with Tara's sister and best friend hosted and we had SUCH fun planning!!  We did a backyard BBQ theme and it could not have turned out cuter.  Shani and I spent most of Saturday decorating her backyard and it was comical to say the least.  :)
These were the centerpieces.

 My favorite part BY FAR was the mason jars with candles hanging from the trees.  Shani has THE PERFECT backyard for this!!  It looked amazing when it got dark.
 The fun table of BBQ.  The cones are holding fried okra.  I didn't post it, but we had a s'mores bar for dessert.  SO FUN!
 The happy couple!
 Shani and I.
 Kelly and I.
Such a fun night.  Next up...the WEDDING!!  :)

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