Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shriner's Circus

This past Sunday evening, we took Hudson to the Shriner's Circus. I didn't know what to expect...we had taken him to the Barnum & Bailey Circus two years ago, and I knew it would be much smaller than that one. We learned that smaller is GREAT! We were able to sit 7 rows back right in the middle and were able to see EVERYTHING! We all enjoyed it so much and I think we will try to make this circus every year that it comes to town!

I will forever be amazed by the person that is willing to stand in the middle of a tiger den!

To say Hudson had a blast is an understatement!! Look at this face:


This guy was clearly off his rocker:

Not the best, but had to include some family pics!

Hudson LOVED the motorcycles! If you look above, you can see the motorcycle flying through the air. This was his face EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

SUCH good time...can't wait for the Circus to come again!

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