Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Grammy

My Grammy was a true Grandmother in every sense of the word. She was the grandmother who had fresh baked cookies waiting when you got to her house, the grandmother who literally would play board games with you ALL DAY if that is what you wanted to do, the grandmother who tucked you in at night, the grandmother who would make different meals for my sister and I because we wanted something different to eat. She pin-rolled my hair, made crochet blankets, and sent cards for every reason imaginable. She kept her house so clean you could eat off her floors and she was a social butterfly...had more friends than you could imagine. She loved me unconditionally and referred to me as "My Dena." After being sick for a really long time, my Grammy went to be with Jesus two weeks ago. I will be forever grateful that I was able to see her the week before. As hard as it was to say goodbye, I know that she is up there with my Grandad and I look forward to the day when we see each other again and play board games all day long.

My first picture with My Grammy. (And my Dad.)

Grammy with her Grandkids in 1999.
My sister and I's last picture with Grammy in April of 2010.

Our last family picture outside of Grammy and Grandad's house after her funeral. If I could bottle up the memories made in this tiny town, I would in a heartbeat. Some of the best childhood memories a kid could ask for.

I love you Grammy.


Shani Lannert said...

Geez...I'm at work, crying! Good memories are what life is all about. I can only hope that I have that type of impact on others!

Donnell Days said...

I know Shani...I kept having to stop typing because I was crying! You are definitely that type of person...I LOVE YOU!!!