Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 AND 1/2

I really don't know where the time has gone, but Hudson was officially 3 1/2 this past Sunday. He was so excited to be able to tell people the 1/2 part too...so cute! I told him I wanted to take his picture since he was now 3 1/2 and we decided to take some pictures of his "faces" he makes. It was hilarious! Excuse the after nap hair. :)
First up, happy face. Here are a few things that make him happy: blackberries, play-doh, painting, ice cream, pizza, playing board games, cutting with scissors, raspberries, Cheerios with a sliced banana, bacon, doing things BY HIMSELF, bath paints, stickers, being outside, snow, gymnastics, Miss Amanda (his gymnastics teacher), Jamie (his babysitter), his family that spoils him so, all of his friends, Amazing Jakes, bounce houses, Curious George, Mickey Mouse, hide and seek, and the list goes on...
Surprised face! This face really does come around when playing hide and seek. :)
Mad face. Yep, we do see this face...actually the version where he isn't trying to smile too.
We see this face when: things aren't done the way he thinks they should be, when he can't do something BY HIMSELF, when he is in time out. There are probably more times, but we won't focus on that one. HA! I'm thinking face. He actually does this a lot and it cracks me up every time. This face is normally followed by the statement, "I have an idea!" I also get this face when I ask him if he is going to eat the vegetables on his plate. He normally tells us he will eat them when he gets big, or he will take the smallest bite you have every seen in your life!
This is his little stinker face. Need I say more? He wears this face MOST of the day, EVERY day!
Sad face. :( His actual sad face is MUCH more pitiful than this one. Sad face normally visits if he has gotten hurt, if family is leaving, if Mommy is leaving, and sometimes he even tries to use sad face to get something he wants.
Those are some of Hudson's many faces at 3 1/2!
On the night of his 1/2 birthday, Noni came over with some of her famous homemade brownies. YUM! Hudson was so excited that we put a candle in it and sang Happy Half Birthday to him.

Happy 3 1/2 Hudson...I love you more than words could ever say...you are the absolute light of my life!

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TK said...

This is TOO cute! He looks so big...like a 3 1/2 year old.

Love you guys!
<3 Tara