Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playdate at the Park

Last Friday we met our friends Melissa & Colton and Jessica & Stone at the park for a playdate. The weather was perfect and the boys had so much fun playing!
We brought a football and Hudson did not want to put it down...he carried it around almost the entire time.

We have REALLY been working on sharing around here. Look at Hudson sharing his football with sweet!

The sweetness turned into...wait a minute...I didn't really want you to have my football. He took off after him!!
My silly boy decided to roll around in the grass. Have I mentioned he is ALL BOY???
Our attempt at a group shot. (Stone, Colton, and Hudson) How cute is Stone's hat??? He will be running and playing in no time!

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Grow with Griffin said...

Such cute picture of the three boys! I love the three in a row with the sharing of the football to the wait a minute, were you really going to take it?!?