Thursday, March 27, 2008

Actually Playing!!!

Yesterday, my friend Melissa came over with her son Colton. It was such a good visit as always! This visit was a little different from the past ones because Hudson actually played this time!! It was the cutest thing. He just sat facing Colton and he laughed and smiled at him while they looked at toys together.
The boys eating lunch before playing.
Sharing the yellow ball!

Colton clapping as Hudson played the drum.
I couldn't resist this last picture...Hudson kept rolling with the was too cute!


Grow with Griffin said...

How precious!!! It is too cute to see the two together playing (and eating their lunch). Colton sits exactly like my brother always has as well as my mom... that is too cute to see a baby sitting like that again! What fun! That will be neat when Griffin can play like that with Hudson :-)

Donnell Days said...

That is so true about how little Colton will have to tell your Mom to check out the blog. She and Chris have a twin! :)

Cassidy said...

What big boys!