Sunday, November 25, 2007


Leaving for Oklahoma
Hudson with Uncle Geoffrey
Trying to do tummy time with Nana
Posing with Paw-Paw
Napping with Daddy
Our first Thanksgiving with Hudson was great! He was such a trooper getting passed around family for four solid days. I don't think he napped laying down once...he always napped being held by someone which is just the way he likes it! We had our first Thanksgiving meal here with Kelly's family and then loaded up the car and drove to Oklahoma. Hudson slept the entire way there and back!! No more stopping to feed half way there. The family couldn't get over how much he has changed in just four short weeks. It got me thinking and I realized he doesn't have his "frog legs" anymore when you pick him up or when he lays on your chest. :( The constant smiling and "talking" definitely make up for it though. We are so thankful for all of our family and the time we got to spend with them this week. Christmas is just around the corner and we will do it all again! I can't wait!

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