Wednesday, August 22, 2007

5 weeks...ha!

It turns out that Hudson had ideas of his own...he decided to come 4 weeks and one day early. He arrived on Monday, August 13th at 3:39 pm. He weighed 5 pounds, 10 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long. Everything went really well at the hospital. We have been home now for almost a week and things are going great. Kelly and I were instantly in love with him!! We of course think he is the cutest thing ever. :) I will definitely keep the pictures flowing was so hard to pick which ones to put on here today...I think we have taken a few hundred!


Grow with Griffin said...

Ohhhhh..... I can hardly wait to see you guys again! Hudson, you are so stinking precious!!! I am counting the days until I hold you again! Mommy and Daddy look great too! Love the title of this blog- it couldn't have been more perfect, just like Hudson! Love you three! Lessers and C

Shara Smith said...

Hey guys! Thanks for inviting me to your blog. Hudson is just beautiful!! I love his nursery too! You have such a gorgeous family and I really can't wait to get to see your sweet little boy. Maddox is excited to have a new friend too! Glad things are going great!!